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Our Linuo Paradigma panels are now approved for ecoACTION/ ecoENERGY Canada grants!


Chateau Solar Heating and Photovoltaics

ChateauSolar is the exclusive North American distributor of Sino/German engineered and developed Linuo Paradigma products, supplying the public and dealerships with solar heating and photovoltaic systems. We offer ready-to-install Linuo Paradigma evacuated tube collectors and solar water heating systems, including:

  • evacuated tube solar collectors
  • solar system controllers
  • solar water heaters
  • photovoltaic panels

You can do something to both lower your heating bills and save our environment at the same time... Today! Our solar water heating line includes all of the products necessary to transform the sun’s energy into warm, useful hot water.

The Chateau Solar Pack is an affordable solution to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions. It can be installed into new construction or retrofit into existing buildings.

Purchasing the Chateau Solar system will make you part of the new personal and global energy revolution. Financial incentives such as tax rebates and grants are available.

Our Linuo Paradigma CPC 1506, CPC 1512, CPC 1518 and U1521 Evacuated Tube collectors are now eligible for Canada's "EcoENERGY for Renewable Heat" Program. These evacuated tube collectors have been deemed to meet the CSA Standard F378-87 or equivalent, making them elligible for inclusion in solar heating packages receiving a grant from ecoACTION.




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2007/02/22 -- website launched. The website provides information on evacuated tube solar water heater and solar panels




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